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I need some help with my English project, it's over To Kill a Mockingbird. Help!?!?

Jem Finch:

J - ??

E - ??

M - Messes up Mrs. Dubose's camellias because she said Atticus wasn't any better than the n|ggers and trash he worked for.

F - ??

I - Injured his left arm when Mr. Ewell attacked him a Scout under the old oak.

N - ??

C - Carried the water for the football team at his school.

H - He never wanted to disappoint Atticus.


C - Calpurnia is much more than the Finch's cook; she is respected by Atticus and is thought of as family.

A - Almost acts as a mother to Scout and Jem.

L - ??

P - Provides discipline, instruction, and love to Scout throughout the novel.

U - Uses two different languages when she speaks to white people and blacks.

R - ??

N - ??

I - ??

A - Although she doesn't know for sure, she thinks she is only a few years older than Atticus.

Dill Harris:

D - Dill doesn't know who his father is.

I - ??

L - Lives with his Aunt Rachel during the summer.

L - Loves Scout and wants to marry her one day.

H - He has a very active imagination which gets him in trouble at times.

A - Almost every word he says is a lie.

R - Ran away from home to go to Scout and Jem's house.

R - ??

I - ??

S - Smallest 7 year old Jem and Scout had ever seen.

Mrs. Dubose:

M - ??

R - Rumors were that she kept a CSA pistol hidden under her many shawls and wraps.

S - ??

D - ??

U - Usually shouts at Jem and Scout whenever they pass by her house.

B - ??

O - ??

S - She is a morphine addict, but successfully breaks her habit before she dies.

E - ??

Thanks in advance!


I need some help with my English project, it's over To Kill a Mockingbird. Help!?!?

J - Jean Louise is his sister's real name

E - Expects Atticus to leave his pocketwatch to him

F - Finds the carvings in the tree knot left there by Boo

N - Needs Boo Radley's help to escape Mr. Ewell

I - Insists that Scout stop fighting in the school yard
Reply:J- Jem is curious about Boo Radley

E-Easily persuades Scout to come with him to Radley's house at night.
Reply:Uh yeah right, I don't think so. Do your own damn homework fool

Can anyone to this for me? 10 points! It is related to a book called "To killing a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.

Write a description of five of the following aspects of the novel in terms of how they are function as symbols in "To Kill an Mockingbird:

1) The mad dog

2) The treehouse

3) Camellias

4) The gun

5) The cemented hole in the tree

6) Columns on buildings

7) Atticus' pocket watch

Some of these may take further research to fully understand. Your descriptions should be as complete as this one on the Mockingbird:

Here is an example:

A central symbol in the novel is the mockingbird. The mockingbird is described by Miss Maudie as a creature that should never be killed b/c it is harmless and even provides song for the enjoyment of others. Both Boo Radley and Tom Robinson are basically blameless individuals who are at the mercy of society, yet society is cruel to Boo and Tom. The symbol of the mockingbird also points to Scout, both as an innocent child and as grown-up narrator, who "sing a song" in telling the story.

Do any 5 of the 7 aspects. I don't care, Pls do this as soon as u can.

Can anyone to this for me? 10 points! It is related to a book called "To killing a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.
The mad dog was mad.

The treehouse was in a tree

Camellias was the Mexican version of the Pontiac Sunfire

The gun was used to shoot the mad dog

The cemented hole in the tree was used to imprison the mockingbird

Columns on buildings were used to hold the building up

Atticus' pocket watch made sure he was in court on time
Reply:Let me get this straight: You want us to DO your homework FOR you? THAT is cheating!!!! NO!! If we do your homework that makes us complicit in your cheating.

Ummm consider the homework police on the case.
Reply:1 the mad dog!!
Reply:i so sorry i dont kno... I HELP YOU WITH YOUR WORK... unlike the homework police above this..... but the treehouse because a bird... need a place to nest like idk kno a tree house
Reply:I'd be glad to help if you tried at least, but from the looks of it, you haven't even tried.
Reply:not doing your homework for you. do it yourself
Reply:i'm not doing your effing homework for you!!

Is is true you can't grow rhododendrons near oaks?

I have five rhodendrons near two California live oaks. They are outside the dripline, but close. They are doing terribly in a spot with good soil and lots of shade. A friend told me you just can't grow rhodendrons near oaks. Is that true? What about camellias?

Is is true you can't grow rhododendrons near oaks?
They will grow happily together.

The thing being hinted at is probably that Rhodys are also a carrier os Sudden Oak Death, a soil organisn. Over the last few years Rhodies (spell it however!) have been quarentined in some areas, as have oaks because of the soil organisn causing so much Death of Oak trees, rather Suddenly.

If the rhodies are outside the dripline they may be getting more sun than they like. And check the soil for pH and such. Rhodies like heavy clay, not what Coastal Live oaks usually live in. Interior Live Oaks do and don't depending. And there are other species of "live" oak in Cali and other states.

It could be that fungus (SOD). Check on the Sudden Oak Death website. ??
Reply:Friends try to help, but in this case your friend is incorrect. Oak trees acidify the soil around them and rhodos like acidic soil. They do well together. I have seen many a successful pairing of these two plants. Check the nutient levels in their soil and water received. What is soil made of ? They prefer forrest-floor type of soil. Example = leaf waste, chuncks of fallen/rotting (wood chips) tree.

It is possible that your friend was thinking of lilacs. If lilacs are planted in the vicinity of oaks ( or other acid producers ) they will grow sparsely and they will not bloom.
Reply:I have been in the landscape industry for over 25 yrs and have seen plenty of awesome rodys growing as under plantings in a stands of oaks without any problems. I question your friends advice. more than likely it is planted wrong. Usually to deep.

mobility scooter

How to deter squirrels?

Squirrels eat buds of camellias and other plants in our garden. How to deter them?

How to deter squirrels?
The fuzzy tailed tree rats are crafty devils. They always find a way to get what they want. Just ask anybody who has tried to by a "squirrel proof" bird feeder.
Reply:Squirrels will get whatever they want unless you go to extreme measures. You can try a very noxious deterrent that is made from rotten eggs. i don't remember what it's called but there should be several on the market, sometimes marketed as deer repellent. i dipped my tulip bulbs in this and it worked. it is expensive and you have to use a lot, but it works. you will probably have to reapply when it rains a few times.
Reply:I would not deter them i would just plant flowers that they do not like...Would you rather have a garden full of beautiful flowers and plants of one of mother natures creatures........Put in a balance and enjoy both......
Reply:shoot em the little beggers
Reply:They did a piece about this on Radio 4's Gardeners World last week.

I'm afraid the conclusion was that there's really nothing you can do.

The suggestions were use of lion dung and leaving lots of squirrel food around (so they get too full to eat your plants, but neither worked. One person said their very aggressive cat shooed them away, but they came back when the cat died.
Reply:I think there are things you can buy at plant stores that have sprays to keep away the squirrels but not kill them. Also, you could get a dog......
Reply:Get a pet falcon. You can train them. Have him perch in your backyard. No more critters.
Reply:I dont know, but if you know how to get rid them out of our attic without killing them let me know.
Reply:apparantly unless you want to poison them and have dead squirrels on your lawn - there is another more humane way. There is supposedly a kind of device that you can plug in, it lets out a high pitched frquency that deters the squirrels - humans won't be able to hear it though.....perhaps you could ask at your DIY store...
Reply:With camellias, and shrubs that attract squirrels, you can buy light frost-netting( from the garden nursery), which you can throw over the plant, and tie firmly at the stem. OK, the plant will look odd for some weeks, but when the buds are bursting, you can remove the net and admire!

Some say that if you spray the netting with strong perfume, it adds to its defences!

For protection of bulbs, try placing wire, hanging baskets, upside down, over the planting area.
Reply:with a 12 bore
Reply:Get a cat and let him have the squirrels for lunch. Not one of those sissies that are declawed and never breathe fresh air. A real cat, one that hunts birds, mices and likes to go outside, where they belong by the way.

Those squirrels will be in for a chase, trust me, and you'll have a rodent free land. :)
Reply:I have had some success by sprinkling mothballs around the plants. Keeps cats out too. I have watched Blackbirds pick them up with their bills and brush the mothball under and against their feathers apparently providing insect repellant.

To kill a mockingbird! help with symbols! please?

what do these symbolize: need help thanks

knothole in oak tree, Mrs. Dubose's camellias, miss maudie's azaleas, and stoner's boy in the gray ghost


To kill a mockingbird! help with symbols! please?
Knothole: Boo's friendship - Boo's friendliness towards the Finch children.

Camellias - I don't know...Mrs Dubose's courage?

Azaleas - What can flowers possibly represent?

Stoner's boy - Scout said, "he was real nice...they accused him wrongly" or something like that. Then Atticus replied "Most people are Scout, when you finally see them." I think this refers to Boo Radley.

Hope this helps! :)
Reply:tsk tsk!! and i was the one who actually had to do the hw!!
Reply:grayghost i dont remeber that in the book

Whats worng with me essay?

True Courage

In glossaries, courage is defined as "the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear." According to Atticus Finch, a major character in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, "Courage is when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what." (112) Harper Lee definitely shows the theme of courage in this book. It is one of the most principal themes and is shown in many of the characters, but majority in Atticus. Harper Lee exposes the true meaning of courage.

For a youngster character, like Scout, courage is most often related with a physical act that is usually dangerous. It is difficult for young children like Scout to realize that greater courage is shown in other aspects of life. Scout sees an example of courage in her father when he shoots the mad dog. Although Atticus did not think of it as very courageous, Jem and Scout were proud of their father of the courage he showed in the situation. He was not trying to prove anything, yet they were still impressed. Presently in the story, Jem and Scout encounter the spiteful Mrs. Dubose. "Your father's no better than the [negroes] and trash he works for!" (102). When she cusses Atticus like that, Jem decided to ruin Mrs. Dubose's camellias for insulting his father . After Atticus heard about this stunt, Jem was made to read to her every afternoon for a month as a punishment. Mrs. Dubose was a very ill lady, and had morphine to ease her pain. It was not until after she died that Atticus explained to Jem and Scout how courageous the lady was because she knew she was dying but was still determined to die free of the morphine. She fought against great odds, even though she knew that she would certainly die. That was really courageous of Mrs. Dubose.

"Real courage" is when you fight for what is right regardless of whether you win or lose. Atticus Finch defines "real courage" and demonstrates it several times throughout the novel, in addition to the lessons that he teaches his children. He shows them mainly in the long period of time during Tom Robinson's case. It first started when Atticus took the case. He went against Maycomb, a generally prejudice town, in order to defend Tom. He understood that taking the case would make him an object of ridicule and that no one would forgive him for believing in a black man's word rather than a white man's. Even his own sister expresses disapproval of his decision, practically telling him he was bringing disgrace on the family. But, no matter how much his reputation suffered, he kept one doing what he believes what’s right. Standing up for his morals and ethics was more important then what people thought about him. Atticus knows he will not win the case and like Mrs. Dubose in her battle against morphine, he is "licked" before he begins. Atticus's strong sense of morality and justice motivates him to defend Tom Robinson with determination, and giving it all he has got. He shows this when he says, "Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for us not to try and won." He wants the people of Maycomb to hear the truth about Tom, "That boy may go to the chair, but he's not going till the truth's told." (145). Atticus later shows bravery when he went to the jailhouse to protect Tom from a mob. Without thinking twice he rushed to Tom's aid. He went willingly; knowing that if a mob did form he would be greatly outnumbered and would easily be beaten. Still, he put Tom's well being after his own benefit.

While discussing the death of Bob Ewell, Atticus also shows great courage. He did not go along with Heck Tate as Heck tries to explain that Bob Ewell fell on his own knife. Atticus appreciates what Heck is trying to do, but he doesn’t want anyone to cover for Jem. “I don’t want him growing up with a whisper about him, ‘Jem Finch…his daddy paid mint to get out of that (273). Atticus put his life and career in the line. He knew, as an officer of the court, that withholding information from an investigation could have gotten him thrown in jail. Nonetheless, like many times before, doing what was right and fair prevailed in Atticus's way of thinking. In addition, Atticus went against his moral code and principles he had always upheld before, when Atticus is faced with the decision of abiding by the law or breaking it in order to do the right thing. He knows that imprisoning a man like Arthur would have been unforgivable. Especially after that Arthur had performed a great deed by saving his children's lives. He knows that exposing him would be an awful way of repaying him; it would have been like "shooting a mockingbird." So, Atticus chose to protect Boo from the public eye rather than abide by the law and his "honest" ways he was so accustomed to follow. Sometimes it takes even more courage to set a new level of morals then to stay in your comfort zone.

In conclusion, Atticus shows admirable courage and behavior, in many instances, throughout the story. Not by fighting or killing, but by standing up for what he believed in a civilized and determined way. His strongest motivation, however, were his kids. He wanted to be a good role model to his kids and inspire in them a strong sense of moral values. One time he was asked by Scout why he had taken a case he knew he wasn't going to win and he responded by saying, "For a number of reasons. The main one is, if I didn't I couldn't hold up my head in town, I couldn't represent this county in the legislature, I couldn't even tell you or Jem not to do something again." ( 75). In other words, he would not have been able to preach to his kids about justice and standing up for what one believes when he himself had not stood for what he believed in. Harper Lee uses Atticus as the true meaning of courage.

Whats worng with me essay?
I would help, dude honestly but that is too much reading. I'm sure it's a pretty good easay....only guessing but maybe it was grammatical errors. keep your head up.
Reply:Okay sugar, this is a good essay, but it is very redundant. Your sentence structure and diction is also very simple. And every essay needs a thesis in the intriductory paragraph. By reading yours, you can eventually see that the essay is about courage, and acts of courage, but this needs to be stated. You can keep the glossary meaning, but then add...Courage is displayed in the novel, 'to kill a mockingbird,' several times by acts that various characters display. I do not know what grade you are in, so therefore I do not know what is expected from you. But I would have given you a C+, maybe a B-. Because, like I said it is a good essay. Dude, holy crap, I can help you english. English is not the most difficult thing. There is no reason to fail or give up.

Okay babe, if you are a freshman, then you should definetly be writing at a higher level than you are. Maybe you have just never been properly shown how to write an essay. I'm a college sophomore now, and I didn't learn how to write an A+ essay until my junior year of high school. Do you know anybody that is good at english that would be willing to go over this with you? You should try to find somebody.
Reply:Ok let me tell you what i would write for my 1st paragraph.

1st sentence should be a general idea.

Dont go into detail about the book. Keep the first paragraph general

In your 2nd paragraph 1st sentence is awkwardly worded and a bit long.

"For a youngster character, like Scout, courage is most often related with a physical act that is usually dangerous"

I would have said

At young ages courage is usually associated with physical acts.

Conclusion paragraph. Do not use "in conlusion" You go into too much detail about the book. The conclusion does not include concrete detail. It does not repeat key words from your paper.

Your paragraphs should be like this


A: Entice your reader with a hook

B Do not discuss what goes on in the book instead generalize the theme

C. connect the hook with your thesis statement

D include the title and the authoe of the novel in your thesis


1. topic sent(TS).-main idea of paragraph with relation to thesis.

2. concrete detail(CD)-specific example from book. In your own words, no quotes.

3. Direct Quote(DQ)- quote that supports concrete detail

4.Commentary-(CM)your analysis, explanation of the concrete detail and direct quote. Basically explain how your CD and DQ support the topic sent.


Sum up Ideas

Link back to hook

re phrase thesis

Things to avoid

Contractions (don't, won"t) just write out do not.

Try not to use I, me, my, you, i think, he seems like

Avoid using Maybe, probably.

I think you do deserve a high D. If your in freshman year like me these guide lines help alot.
Reply:Although I don't know what grade level you're writing this essay for (junior, senior, etc.), as a former English teacher I'd have to agree with your teacher. The first big problem is the lack of a thesis statement--what point are you trying to argue? You might want to read some of the criticism of TKAM to see how other writers have approached the novel's themes. The second big problem is organization. I had to keep rereading some sections, as I'd get lost in your prose style. Keep the paragraphs shorter--see if you can divide the paper into an introductory paragraph, followed by a few paragraphs of examples of different characters showing courage (one per character), then a solid concluding paragraph. Finally, check your spelling and grammar, especially the latter. However, I think improving your organization, with leading sentences in each paragraph followed by examples would help the most. I'd suggest sitting down with the teacher and having him point out some of the flaws as he sees them.
Reply:You've received some great suggestions here. I had problems writing essays at first too. People would tell me to write a thesis statement or topic sentence but I didn't really know how to do that. But here's a little good news for you. Writing is a learned skill and once you get the hang of it, you'll do great. Check out this web site. It gives you the steps to writing an essay in outline form and explains in good detail each step. If you print this out and refer to it as you write your paragraphs, your essays will come together much easier. Don't skip any steps. Do the outline, notes, etc. I think if you keep this where you can refer to it as you work on your paper, you'll do fine. Good luck to you, and please give this a try.
Reply:Over all it seems reasonably well thought out and wrtten. I am not an expert on writing. Here are a few things that come to my mind.

First are some general readability issues.

Your paragraphs are WAY too long.

Confine a paragraph to a single train of thought. Make your opening and closing paragraphs a single sentance or at most two sentances. This is also true if you are making an important point which you will then explain in the next few sentances. On the other hand, when you draw a conclusion, keep it in the same paragraph as any information directly preceding it

There is no science to spacing paragraphs. Lay them out in a way that you feel makes your writing easiest to read, and helps best emphasize your points. In your final draft, you may want to add a line of white space between paragraphs, as this helps readability depending on the format. Also, interspacing long and short paragraphs (in a meaningful way), helps to add a "sense of rythm."

My personal opinion is that you should not use phrases like "true courage", "great courage", or "real meaning of courage". To me, it seems to imply that when you and I say simply "courage", we may mean two different things. Only use that sort of wording once; either in the title, or at the "climax" of the essay. otherwise just say "courage." There is such a thing as being too specific.

Brevity is also an issue. You may wish to condense many of your sentances, and delete others that are not absolutely necessary.(depending on the parameters you were given) This is just good editing. Most people can think much faster than they can read, so words and sentences that can be easily removed are annoying otherwise.Don't try to use elaborate speech just to sound sophisticated.

Go back over and try to think of alternate ways of phrasing, untill you feel you have made the best use of space. If you feel you have made your point simply and elegantly, do not try to make it any longer.(no matter what your teacher says)

There are also a few nit picking grammar and wording issues. Those would take too much time to go into. The best thing to do would be to print out a double spaced draft, and have somone experienced make some editing notes in the margins.

Overall your grammar and comprehension as well as your critical thinking seem to be excellent. Keep reading good books, and your grasp of the art and craft of writing are sure to improve even more.

Good luck!

~Donkey Hotei


Don't give up! Your teacher sounds like the kind thats willing to give you a D without giving you a lot of specific advice. You should have a sit down talk with him. Don't let him off the hook untill you understand exactly what you need to do to get an A!
Reply:In your first paragraph say something like "although courage can be defined as . . . . . Harper Lee can show us it could be a defining charatistic in any decent persons life."
Reply:" Whats worng with me essay?"

Popeye? Is that you?
Reply:Well, I hate to tell you, but your teacher is right - you don't have a thesis. You have an implicit (unstated) thesis, but that's not good enough for a formal essay - you need to come out and in your own words explain what it is you're trying to prove.

In your case, try something like "In _To Kill A Mockingbird_, Atticus shows the true meaning of courage by A, B and C."

Note that this has a thesis - something you can defend - and it also ties into your three major points, which is part of good essay-writing. To make your thesis even stronger, make it controversial - try "Although the book suggests that courage is X, the character Atticus shows us that in reality, Harper Lee believes that courage is Y."

I aso can't help but notice that sometimes your grammar has some trouble; try getting someone else to proof your essay before handing it in; parents are great that way.

Another point: try to avoid terms like "in conclusion" or "secondly" or "So" to start a sentence - all of these sound like space-fillers to a teacher when there are much more elegant ways to write.

Don't add new information or quotes in your conclusion. That's not what a conclusion is. Your conclusion should be a summary of your arguments, never introducing new ideas.

You also need to connect your paragraphs better - read it out loud and you'll realize it sounds a bit disconnected. It's supposed to be a clear, logical flow from one point to the next - and it should all be summarized in your thesis AND your conclusion.

A proper essay should look like this:

Thesis: "X is true because A, B and C."

Point 1: A is true because a, b and c, which relates to B.

Point 2: B is true because d, e, and f, which relates to C.

Point 3: C is true because g, h, and i. And by the way, the arguments against C is D, but D is untrue because of j, k, and l.

Conclusion: A, B and C clearly show that X is true.

I'm summarizing terribly, but you get the general idea, I hope.

Twins!!! What Names?

boy %26amp; girl

Caden Cale %26amp; Carson Camellia

Lance Wesley %26amp; Larissa Willow

Bray Cy %26amp; Bessy Cora

Twins!!! What Names?
Caden and Carson. Make different middle names though; ones that don't begin with C's.
Reply:definitely not Caden and Carson, unless they are both boys or both girls even.

Caden.. or "Caidyn" is growing in popularity for girls along with all the other "aden" names. And Carson is very masculine sounding next to that. In writing, with their middle names, I would think they were both girls, without the middle names ( as almost everyone will see them for their whole lives) I would think two boys. If I knew they were boy/girl twins I wouldn't know which was the boy and which was the girl.

Lance and Larissa are cute.
Reply:Poor Kids if you choose any of your suggested names!

Dylan, Osian, Marc, Dafydd, Steffan, Tomos, Owain, Paul, John, Ifan, (Boys.)

Catrin, Lowri, Ffion, Chloe, Sioned, Lois, Elen, Elin, (Girls)
Reply:wait, let me get this straight....carson is supposed to be a girl? thats ridiculous and i would never forgive you. and Bessy is just asking to be bullied. what about Camellia Carson? BESSY, For real though?! are you serious?
Reply:Azure is right, she is real fertile...........................triple... here,twins there..........................anybody have 'troll-be-gone' spray!

But i like the names Micah (boy) and Mesha (girl) in case any other HONEST expecting moms out there!
Reply:Larissa Willow and Caden....change Cale to Wesley.

How about spelling Larissa; Laryssa??? I think the Y makes it look more presentable.
Reply:CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! I like Lance Wesley And Larissa Willow but honestly it depends on what u want. They will be ur kids. Think about family history, preference, and how able u will be to remember it. CONGRATS!!!!!!! again.
Reply:LISH! Braken's ahving twins! you Byerson's are freaking fertile mertiles!

you know already that love Bray Cy and Bessy Cora. i wonder why? XD
Reply:I like Caden and Carson but I would switch genders.

I also have always loved Emory and Elle for twin names.
Reply:I like Lance Wesley or Caden Cale and Carson Camellia or Larissa Willow.

My cousin just had a boy and named him Forest Caleb
Reply:Lance and Larissa

not keen on Lance but love Larissa

my twins are

Rachel and Ryan

Rachel Clare and Ryan Peter

good luck x
Reply:I LIKE:

Caden Cale, But Not Any Girl's Names.


Caden Cale and Chloe Catherine?
Reply:Caden Cale %26amp; Carson Camellia
Reply:Caden Cale %26amp; Carson Camellia
Reply:Lance %26amp; Larissa
Reply:Read her other questions, she's a troll, five minutes ago she was having triplets!
Reply:I like Lance Wesley and Larissa Willow.
Reply:Lance and Larissa
Reply:Caden and Carson
Reply:caden and carson... definitely.

not sure if i like the c's in the middle names too tho.
Reply:Caden Cale and Carson Camellia for sure. there both really cute names! i just love them!

children boots